Archer ARC-2S

Built in 2474, the Archer is a contemporary of ‘Mechs such as the Thunderbolt and the Banshee. The Archer’s primary role is as a fire support ’Mech, though early in its combat career it was considered an assault ’Mech. The ’Mech has been used in a variety of roles, the most common of which is its intended role of indirect fire support and bombardment of enemy fortifications. It also seemed quite popular choice for various Battlemech commanders, perhaps due to its long-reach allowing them to observe and participate in a battle. The Archer has a top speed of 64.8 km/h and is protected by thirteen tons of armor.

ARC-2S – The 2S is another modification made to allow the Archer to defend itself more easily against an enemy that manages to close ranges with it. The ’Mech replaces the LRM-20 launchers with two LRM-15 launchers and uses the saved weight to add two SRM-4 launchers, giving it additional short range firepower.




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